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I’ve been really busy this week dealing with a torrent of work- including finishing off a very exciting project that you’ll know about at the end of next month (well, I am excited about it anyway…).
Anyway, to amuse you in the meantime, I’m posting the following round Robin, which was sent me by the fabulous Ruth Killick of Profile Books. The Q&As come from the End of the Question Mark website, a book published by Profile, which also offers authors an interesting lesson in alternative income streams (hence the headline, which you wil understand if you clicked on the link).
Q. Before Die Another Day, how many people did James Bond kill on screen?
A. 1,183 have been killed by James Bond on screen, up until 2002’s ‘Die Another Day’. Roger Moore was the most lethal 007, with 586 dead.

Q. What is the only Oscar winning film that has no women speaking in it?
A. ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ won seven Oscars in 1962 and featured no females in a speaking role. The only female in the entire film is a camel named Gladys.

Q. Why did Lady Penelope never get laid by any of the Thunderbirds?
A. Lady Penelope clearly thought there would be too many strings attached. Sleeping with the Thunderbirds can only lead to a tangled, complicated mess.

Q. Who has the world record for the most wives?
A. It is thought that King Mongut of Siam had 9,000 wives. He claims to have loved only the first 700. He died of syphilis.

Q. Am I gay?
A. Yes, you are gay. Only 7% of men and 13% of women have had homosexual experiences, but this rises to over 90% for those who ask, ‘Am I gay?’

Q. Which city/town in England has the largest rat to human ratio?
A. London has the highest rat to human ratio, with more rats (about 9 million) compared to 7 million humans. You’re never more than 10 metres from a rat.

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