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Textual Analysis on www.Channel4Radio.com is a new kind of book show. Featuring half hour interviews with cutting edge writers, the show aims to get beneath the skin of what they write and why.

The series of six kicks off with a moving and inspirational interview with Nando Parrado, one of the Andes Plane Crash survivors. If you have seen the film Alive! you’ll know the story. In 1972, a 19-year-old Nando was travelling with his rugby team when their plane crashed in the Andes. What followed was everyone’s worst nightmare. As the survivors faced certain death, Nando and a fellow survivor decided to fetch help, so embarked on an epic walk across some of the most dangerous mountains in the world in order to find it.

Episode 2 features Canadian broadcaster and short story writer Stuart McLean talking about everything from his links with Arcade Fire to the secret inspiration behind one of his most intimate stories. McLean has been likened to Garrison Keeler, but his stories are sharper and edgier. Centred on Dave, owner of the Vinyl Cafe, and his dysfunctional family, McLean creates a picture of family life, teenage angst and growing old disgracefully that cuts to the core, as much as it amuses.

Upcoming episodes include Jake Arnott going straight and Bernardrine Evaristo revealing more than she intended.

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