Channel Four does sex, drugs and disaster…

Experience be damned, Patrick Neate thinks authors can write in any voice. He should know, he once narrated a novel as a pigeon. Listen to what he has to say as he gets shirty with me in the final podcast of my Textual Analysis series on Channel4Radio. You can also hear him live a his acclaimed Book Slam, on getting shirty with other people, as well as talking about his award winning novels and the music that makes him tick.
Patrick’s is the last in the series of in-depth author interviews that range from Jake Arnott talking sex, drugs and socioeconomic theory to Nando Parrado’s heart-stopping story of surviving the Andes plane crash (you’ll never look at airline food in the same way again); and from Bernardine Evaristo on keeping your edge as a writer and challenging stereotypes to the truth about publishing (and chick lit) from publishers-turned-writers Hannah MacDonald and Harriet Evans. And finally, hear broadcaster and master of the wry short story Stuart McLean getting very personal indeed.
Textual Analysis: on the couch and inside the minds of writers.
To download the podcasts all you have to do is click on the this link and then click on the shows you want, then follow the instructions. It is as easy as pi, and twice as interesting (especially for anyone who wants to get published)

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