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The thin red line

A while ago I wrote a scathing piece in the Daily Mail about what I regarded as the “pornography” of misery memoirs. I had become increasingly concerned at the way boundaries were being pushed in this genre. Each book seemed to push the border between taste and titillation further as
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It’s more than a loss for Ross

As one PR said to me, there really isn’t anywhere else. An appearance on Ross sent people into stores, and as most celebs publish in autumn in order to cash in on the upsurge in sales at this time of year, not having this influential show on their side is a huge loss.

Who’s a naughty boy then?

Amid all the furore about the nuisance calls made by Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross there is bound to be one winner: Transworld, publisher of Ross’s life-story-cum-pub rant Why Do I Say These Things?. Transworld execs must have been cracking open the champers when they saw the author of their
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Mrs Palin: a love song

vlad and friend boris presents ‘Song for Sarah’ for mrs. Palin Hello Sarah Palin we wrote this song for you because we see you from Russia! Plz respond to our emails!! We like to hear from you!! words 2 song soon as i wayk up in the morning i go
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Only mystics need apply

Always ready to look on the bright side of life, and to see opportunity where others see despair, publishers are rushing out books on the credit crunch. According to a report in The Economist, the financial crisis has spawned a mini-boom in books analysing what went wrong. Already 18 titles
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