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Dear Lily Allen

This is really going to divide all of you: it’s a response to the copyright debate so helpfully aided by Ms Lily Allen. It raises the question of how on earth do you make people realise that copyright theft is theft, without looking like you are in thrall to The
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The Insider: Maria Rejt

Mslexia: Summer 2008 If you want Maria Rejt, Macmillan and Picador publishing director and one of the most respected editors in London, to notice your manuscript it is simple: create a unique outsider’s voice and characters that move her. Not as easy as it sounds, but that formula is what
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Why Dan Brown’s latest novel is guaranteed to be a success

Independent on Sunday, 20th September 2009 A campaign for global domination is afoot, following months of planning, and executed with almost military precision. And by this weekend it will almost certainly have achieved its aim: to claim the top spot in every English-language book chart in the world. The campaign?
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Supermarkets: no more Mr Bad Guys?

The huge number of shoppers visiting their stores – Tesco makes more than £1bn a week in sales – mean tight margins work. Unlike traditional booksellers, supermarkets pass on to customers the majority of their trade discount. Their mark up is typically 20% or less, compared to 50% to 120% in the traditional trade. For supermarkets, a 20% profit is healthy when compared to core food product, whose profit margins are measured in single percentage points. More shocking for most authors will be the knowledge of how marginal books are for supermarket. They represent only 0.3% of Tesco’s total UK sales. That is not a misplaced percentage point.