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Slaughter by write

Discomfort felt towards women writing graphic descriptions of sexual abuse reflects, Slaughter maintains, a wider sexism that refuses to tolerate women reacting to violent trauma on their own terms. “If you look at crime fiction in the Eighties, women were there just to be screwed and put upon,” the 37-year-old observes. “They were either madonnas or whores. If they were sexually abused, the guy had to save her. When women write about violent crime the woman saves herself – or doesn’t in some cases.”
She cites the number of people who talk about violence against women in her books, while violence against men goes largely ignored. There is one exception however: when she wrote about a male rape in Triptych, she had men stop her in the street saying they couldn’t read about it. “I would say, ‘So you didn’t mind reading when women were going through this?'”