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It’s Not Easy Being Green

But while the supply chain from farm gate to store may be relatively straightforward and its carbon footprint easy to calculate, that from movie lot to DVD store is far more complex. For a start, where does the calculation begin? Should it include the footprint of the location caterers or the helicopters used by talent to get to the set? Should it be limited to the manufacture of the disc, its packaging and supply? Should it include attempts to carbon offset productions, even though most environmental campaigners frown upon offsetting? Tesco appears to be equally perplexed: repeated requests by CE for the parameters the grocer will use to measure carbon footprints on home entertainment products drew no response.

Look away now

‘Publishers will go as far as the supermarkets will let them,’ literary agent Jonny Geller observes cynically about publishers’ parameters. ‘There is no point in being moralistic about it. Publishing is a branch of the entertainment industry, as a result it reflects the highs and lows of modern culture.’

Freedom Writers

After each previous arrest he had been tortured. He had also been threatened before release. The authorities had left no room for doubt: if he did not keep his mouth shut, worse would happen. But Zargana is not a man to keep his mouth shut, and had continued to ignore the threats and took his life in his hands defying bans on performing in public and talking to foreign journalists. He became the ‘loudspeaker’ of the people, articulating the anger and impatience of his compatriots eager for an end to the years of brutal oppression