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Siren Voices Lure Animation Fans

“It’s been great,” confirms Revelations’ PR as she leads me to the actors. “Though not been as mad as last time.” When FUNimation stable-mate Vic Mignona, Clinkenbeard’s and Bailey’s co-star in Full Metal Alchemist, attended the convention in May, the PR had a job making his teenage fans keep their clothes on. “He had girls trying to strip for him to autograph their bodies,” the PR says.
“Were they never going to wash again?” I ask. Judging from the fans swarming from stand to stand like black-eyed locus, perhaps they never did.

Flash fiction blurbs and a challenge

we needed fake jacket blurbs and book titles (I’ll leave you intrigued about the article’s contents). Well, what fun we had. they are spoofs and any resemblance to real books is entirely coincidental. But I didn’t know you could have so much fun in less than 100 words. Below are my efforts at “flash fiction blurbs”. Now I would love to see your own efforts. Believe me, it is better than writing the whole book

Pass the caffeine

can I just say that I am not alone in finding the word “bump” when referring to pregnancy, especially when uttered by a certain type of man, well creepy. Really creepy, It isn’t a bump, it’s a belly and it isn’t fat it’s a foetus. Bumps happen to heads and shins not bellies full of baby. Right I think I need to sit down and have a cuppa (caffeine free of course).

Lesley Lokko: ‘Don’t ask me about ‘black culture’, I don’t know what it is’

“What is ‘black culture’? I don’t know”, and harks back to that flight from Accra to Gatwick when she was 17. “I have as much in common with someone from Nigeria as someone from Beijing. We are never expected to understand our cultural particularities. If you start off from this broad meaningless category, I don’t understand how you can extract meaning from it.” It is an issue she hopes her work tackles in a way that reaches beyond a handful of academics or the narrow confines of “literary fiction”. “Fiction for me, growing up in Ghana, was this way to see another world,” she says. “I think that is important and is what the best fiction does.”

Interview: Scarlett Thomas

‘It is interesting. The more successful I am, the more self-critical I am able to be publicly, because for years it felt like, “Shit, if I say I am crap, then there is no one who will say I am good, so I am going to have to say I am good otherwise no one else will say so.”’ She lets out a short laugh. ‘Now I can look back and say I made this mistake or that mistake and I am completely fine about being honest about that.’