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Posthumous publishers who refuse to live and let die

Financial Times: August 16 2007 Ian Fleming Publications’ decision to reanimate the late author’s most famous creation, James Bond, in a novel by Sebastian Faulks to mark Fleming’s centenary next year is the latest in a resurrection trade that has made literary estates some of the most powerful in the
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Most spurious PR survey for the silly season

And here it is in all its glory: be sure it will be in certain papers desperate to write about something other than Foot and Mouth tomorrow: Peculiar Pop Duets & Laughable Love Matches

Lucky breaks beyond belief

I’ve been on holiday for the past three weeks, hence the long silence. I had intended to write some blogs from Haute Provence, where I was staying, but on my third day in the mountains I broke my leg and couldn’t get to an internet cafe. So apologies for the
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