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Deep inside the mind of blokes

Where Fopp differs from these larger chains, however, is its focus on one man: Fifty Quid Bloke. This refers to AB1 males, aged between 25 and 45 with money to burn. Traditional retail philosophy has it that this is a hard group to reach, but Fopp manages to persuade Fifty Quid Bloke to part with £38 ($75) on an average visit when average expenditure in rival retailers is lower.

The future of reading…..

Richard Charkin‘s blog has an interesting discussion about ereaders, following Andrew Marr’s piece last week in the Guardian, which you can read here. I’ve written my response, which goes along the following lines. I think most of us and the National Treasure that is Andrew Marr are all – sorry
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Show us the money

“I know people who are 50% down in terms of income,” children’s author Tony Bradman says. As chair of the Society of Authors Children’s Group, Bradman is well placed to gauge opinion. “I have talked to a lot of children’s authors and they are worried. I don’t know any who look at the situation now and feel it is fine.”

Celebs and how to handle them

Alan Titchmarsh felt he couldn’t reproach the fan, because if he did he would be accused of beign an “arrogant celeb” and, at best, it would create a scene, at worst, a story in the tabloids.