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Review: Days of Glory Empires are like cruel lovers: they demand everything, but if you give in, you’re screwed. It is the message of Days of Glory Rachid Bouchareb’s Oscar nominated story about the African Army in the Second World War. The army, gathered from the French colonies, was instrumental in the liberation
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You’ve been WOMmed

Depressing story of the day: word of mouth marketing companies are heading to the UK. The story on the BBC website states: “WOM marketing companies are at pains to insist it isn’t viral or buzz marketing because the volunteers – known as agents, advocates, ambassadors or transmitters – must state
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How to handle a book launch

The lure of cheap white wine and a room full of people – believe it or not – some of which even I don’t know hasn’t the pull it once had. Why? Well, invariably you walk into the room and are greeted by someone who ticks off your name and points you to a crowded room where the first friendly face you see is the wine waiter’s – and s/he is paid to smile

Mad about Betty

Belgravia magazine Betty Boothroyd, Baroness Boothroyd of Sandwell, is no stranger to history. In 1992 she became the first woman in 700 years to be elected Speaker of the House of Commons. Now the Belgravia resident is looking to make another kind of mark on history: a monument to the
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