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Radio Ga Ga

I’ve just been on Anna Raeburn’s show on LBC, the London radio station talking about getting published. Wow she is so good, really professional and moved things along at a cracking pace. What was great to hear was the range fo questions people have, which come from all directions –
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What have I started?

I’ve had a load of emails – and couple of posts – to my aside last time about the Archers. What have I started? At least I know that I am not alone. I can barely cope with the sound of snogging while eating my lunchtime sarnies, but when accompanied
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“The proposed jacket had an artist’s illustration of a penguin on it and they were getting really heated about whether the penguin had the right expression on its face,” he recalls. As tempers frayed, Scott Pack was asked his opinion. “I told them that it was a rubbish cover whatever the penguin’s expression.” The cover was dropped.

Ian Rankin: The singing detective

“Rebus and Siobhan will never jump into bed together,” the 46-year old writer says emphatically, squirming like a schoolboy told his parents have sex. “Plenty of readers want it to happen, and it just ain’t gonna happen.”

Women and violence

“The people writing the most graphic violence today are women,” Ian Rankin says when I ask what he thinks of them. “If you turn that off,” he looks nervously at my tape recorder, but continues regardless, going public about one of the great unsaids among crime writers, “I will tell you that they are mostly lesbians as well, which I find interesting.”

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