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March of the zedlebrities part 54

So Pete from Big Brother has, according to the Sun, signed a “reported” £1m book deal. Interesting use of the word “reported”. Reported by whom exactly? The Sun? It is one of those words that always sound warning bells to me. Usually it means “uncorroborated”. Obviously the Sun has its
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I’ll just do the hoovering….

Iain Banks has admitted he is delivering his latest novel late after getting addicted to the computer game Civilisation. So bad was his addiction that the author of Complicity and the Wasp Factory was forced to smash up the CD and wipe all records from his computer. Procrastination is an
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Blood, money and motives

an Rankin is under no illusions about motives: crime pays. At last year’s Cheltenham Festival he said: ‘Most of us [crime writers] are selling much more than any more “literary” author could hope for, so they can be as snooty as they like.’ Andrew Taylor whose crime novels have received critical plaudits, agrees: ‘At the end of the day, if you want to make a living as a writer, you stand a better chance if you’re writing crime fiction than if you are writing literary fiction.’