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The Blue Aeroplanes

Thank God they did not disappoint. Gerard Langley has lost none of his insouciance. Clad in Armani black and serious shades he could have been a businessman not a poet, but the mischievous smile that flickered across his face gave the game away. This was a night about poetry, rock and the heartbursting joy of Swagger, an album guaranteed to raise the lowest spirits from torpor.

Chris Humphreys: Absolute proof

Like Jack, there is no front about him, just a genuine enthusiasm for life as “one of the luckiest men on earth” able to indulge his passion for history and gift for writing by creating a vivid world of blood and battles, bad girls and blackguards that leaps off the page

Good Night, And Good Luck

This is a story from a time when “investigative journalist” was tortology. As such it should be shown on media studies courses to reporters whose only interest in journalism is as a route to celebrity.

Albums of the year 2005 Danuta Kean – Associate Editor: 1. The National – Alligator Best album of the year. Dark, emotionally spare lyricism married to melodies that raise the spirits sunwards only to drop you crashing like a stone to the ground, bitter and angry, whether raging at estranged lovers or failed politicians
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