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Children’s author: Sally Gardner

Storytelling saved Sally Gardner, the bright and passionate author of the novel I, Coriander. As a child she was bumped from school to school, at one point ending up at an institution for maladjusted children straight out of Dickens because neither her teachers nor parents could understand why such a clever girl, with an obvious love of books and words, could not read. It was the 1960s and she was dyslexic, a condition that had yet to be recognised.

The Dandy Warhols

Usually showcase gigs, stuffed with fans of the full-on variety and journos eager to show off their connections, are a reminder of what made the band special and why it was plucked from obscurity to play sell out sets at Wembley.

Idlewild + Nine Black Alps

Though the emphasis of the gig was on rock with a capital ‘R’, there were plenty of muted moments, such as American English. On El Capitan, the new single, Woomble’s vocals sounded positively Morrissey-like, against a Celt rock backdrop.