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Johnathan Rice

Rice has been given the Hollywood OK: soundtracked on Six Feet Under as well as the OC, he is to star (as Roy Orbison) in the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line with Joaquin Phoenix. His first album, Trouble is Real, has led to comparisons with Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan, Nick Drake and Gram Parsons. He obviously enjoys the comparisons

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy You have to admire director Garth Jennings chutzpah in taking on The Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy after cutting his teeth on videos for the likes of REM and Fatboy Slim. A film of Douglas Adams’ cult classic was always going to be a tough balancing act and it
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Ian Rankin: gets quizzed

DI John Rebus does not always see the softer side of Scotland, which is why his creator crime writer Ian Rankin wanted to show his the place is not all murder and mystery in Rebus’s Scotland, he tells Danuta Kean.