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My Chemical Romance

Well, what other explanation can there be for this preacher man to instruct us ladies to “spit in the fucking faces” of any bouncer who asks us to flash our tits for a backstage pass? MCR: the new Germaine Greer? I think not. Whatever. The audible increase in the pitch of the screaming at the Astoria implied he had hit the spot with the girls anyway.

A Good Woman

By updating the original to 1930s Amalfi, director Mike (To Kill A King) Barker manages to draw attention to the very contemporary themes of the original, whilst making the most of the visual feast offered by Mediterranean sunsets and period costume.

Kinsey What no one tells you about Kinsey, Bill (Gods and Monsters) Condon’s biopic of Alfred C Kinsey, the pioneering sexologist, is that it is funny. “The greatest threat to American morality is the zipper,” intones Kinsey’s fundamentalist father to a classroom of scrubbed fresh virgins, his hands mimicking the
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Mr and Mrs Smith It is easy to see why the hype surrounding ball busting romcom Mr & Mrs Smith has centred on the relationship between its two stars, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. As John and Jane Smith the two sizzle on screen trading one liners as easily as bombs and bullets
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